AIB Internet Banking

AIB Internet Banking or AIB Online Banking simply means having your bank open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and of course having access to it no matter where you are! Things like going to the bank’s branch counter for checking your balance, paying bills and transferring money into other accounts and other traditional ways are becoming like an old story. Now, with AIB Internet Banking, you can do all this and more sitting in the comforts of your home. The special features of AIB Internet Banking include being able to view balances and transactions on your Personal Bank Account, Credit Card, Home Mortgage, Ark Life and AIB Finance & Leasing products. Here, you can also set up and pay bills online, transfer money between own accounts and to accounts in other ROI banks. There are many other features like being able to buy & sell shares online, apply for loans, top up mobile phones etc.

Internet banking facts offers great convenience and simplicity, as you can check your balances and statements from anywhere at any time. So, check out this site now and avail of its special features!

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