Internet Banking FAQ

Internet banking being new phenomena obviously has plenty of users having all kinds of questions. So, a Frequently Asked Questions section or FAQ is a must be on every Internet Banking site. Since it involves money matters, most users want immediate answers, making it even more important.

Some general frequently asked questions are mentioned below:

  1. What is Internet Banking?
  2. How do I apply for Internet Banking?
  3. Is there any fee charged?
  4. What should I do when accessing for the first time?
  5. How do I create my User ID and Password?
  6. What preparations are necessary in order to access BII Internet Banking?
  7. What should I do if I use a browser whose version is older than the recommended one?
  8. Can I perform balance inquiry using BII Internet Banking?
  9. Can I perform account transfer to someone else’s account?
  10. Can I open a new account?
  11. Can I pay off my credit card bill via BII Internet Banking?
  12. How do I print the transaction proof?
  13. Which security system is utilized to support BII Internet Banking?
  14. Is it safe to conduct internet banking transaction from Warnet (internet cafe)?
  15. What if I forget my PIN?
  16. Whom should I talk to when encountering trouble in using Internet Banking?
  17. What is IBS?
  18. What transactions are provided by IBS?
  19. Can users of VB ’98 system have access to IBS as well?