Internet Banking India

Banks in India were advised to seek prior approval of Reserve Bank of India before offering transactional services on the Internet in June 2001. From then, it has been no looking back. As now, the position has since been reviewed and now no prior approval of the Reserve Bank of India is required by banks for offering Internet Banking services. Banks however need to ensure compliance with conditions like seeking approval from the Bank’s Board. Internet Banking has brought a revolution in India. With convenience like never before, customers can sit in the comforts of their homes or offices and make payments, check balances, apply for loans, transfer funds. Its immediate, easy, cheap and efficient.

Internet banking in India brings you several benefits designed to make life convenient for you. One of our services is the facility to pay bills online in India. So you can actually pay anyone, anytime and anywhere. With multiple layers of security and industry standard servers, you can be sure that your account details and personal information remain safe all the time.

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