Opening a Checking Account Online

Opening a checking account online can be done in just a few simple steps. Then you will have access to many different options you never had before. You can view your account day or night. Here are a few steps to walk you through opening your new checking account.

  • Shop around-see who offers you exactly what you want. Then open it there.
  • Go to their website-now that you found the right one go to their website and click on open a new account.
  • Insert your Information-Now you will put in all your information. Check for the secure lock on your browser. Then you are in safe hands.
  • Agree to there terms-read and if you agree click yes.
  • Print, Sign and Mail- if necessary you may have to print a form to mail back to them, depending on the bank. Many accounts will not be active until they receive the paperwork.

Congratulations, you now have opened a checking account online!

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