The Do’s of Internet Banking

Here are a few security tips to make sure you do first off when you’re considering online banking:

  • Do check the site out. Many scammers make fake websites to get your banking information. Ask your bank for their security codes.
  • Do check on their insurance coverage so you know how much your investments are insured.
  • Do make a strong password. Use numbers and letters together. The more mixed up, the more secure.
  • Do not tell anyone your password or account numbers. Even if they are your friend and they will be doing you a favor by withdrawing money for you.
  • Do check your statements and online statements for errors. They do make errors online as well.
  • Do keep your virus protection up to date. This way you will know if someone is trying to get into your site.
  • Do log off every time you exit your online bank. Leaving yourself logged in will give access to anyone who uses your computer, especially if you are using a public computer.

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