Using Online Banking for Paying Bills

If you have been trying to decide whether to use your computer to pay all your bills instead of sending hours in line at the post office or payment center, you more than likely have many questions.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of paying your bills online.


  • You will have instance access to all your online accounts without having to wait in line at a bank.
  • You can set up a schedule to be paid automatically.
  • No more writing checks or paying for postage.


  • You may be at risk of hackers and online scammers trying to get your information if you do not pay attention to advice on how to protect yourself.
  • If you’re not settled with a stable budget you might get into a dangerous situation of over spending.
  • If your not good with computers and don’t have fast internet speed or a secure server online banking can be more of a hassle and less of a time saver.

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